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When it comes to SEO, getting backlinks is like gold dust for your website’s ranking and traffic. 

And guess what? We’ve got two big players in the link building game – LinkDoctor and Digital Gratified – offering you a solution that will solve all your link building problems and skyrocket your website on search engines.

So in this review, I will give you a quick rundown on these two top link building agencies to help you make the right decision on which is best for your business. You will also learn about the services they offer, pros, cons, and pricing.

Overview Of LinkDoctor

LinkDoctor is a link building agency that targets a wide array of industries, including healthcare, real estate, startups, law firms, enterprises, and ecommerce. It prides itself on being ethical and strictly adhering to the rules set by Google. That means no black hat tactics here – only genuine, organic link building that stands the test of time and grows your website sustainably.

This record-proven agency uses a variety of strategies like bloggers’ outreach, guest posting, broken link building, and SEO link building which ensures that your website earns valuable backlinks from reputable sources, boosting your site’s authority and search engine rankings.

Core Services Offered By LinkDoctor

LinkDoctor focuses on link building but also engages other services like:

  • Content Marketing
  • SEO And SEO Reseller
  • Web Development

LinkDoctor Pricing Plan

LinkDoctor’s exact pricing is not publicly available. Instead, you will have to fill out a form, choose your package based on the size of your business and the niche competition, discuss your wants, and receive a quote.

But here are the available link building packages – Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and Custom.

  • Gold package: For small-sized business websites.
  • Diamond package: For medium-sized business websites.
  • Platinum package: For large-sized business websites.
  • Custom package: Depending on your needs.

LinkDoctor Pros

Here are a few reasons why LinkDoctor is one of the best link building agencies:

  • Ethical And White Hat Approach

LinkDoctor prides itself on ethical link building practices, following Google’s guidelines. This ensures that your website won’t be penalized for using manipulative tactics.

  • Diverse Link Building Strategies

LinkDoctor employs various link building techniques, including bloggers’ outreach, guest posting, content creation, and broken link building. This comprehensive approach increases the chances of acquiring valuable links for your website.

  • Customized Solutions

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, LinkDoctor offers tailored link building packages to suit your specific needs and budget.

LinkDoctor Cons

These are some of the lags in LinkDoctor’s services:

  • Zero Pricing Transparency

LinkDoctor does not offer any official insight into its pricing plans. As such, there can be a high degree of price variation even for websites that fit into the same criteria.

Overview Of Digital Gratified

Digital Gratified is another reputable SaaS marketing agency with a full squad of experts specialized in other digital services like SaaS content marketing and product promotion. This is a go-to team when it comes to SaaS SEO services tailored specifically for SaaS businesses.

Digital Gratified only plays by the book, using white hat techniques like quality guest posting, relevant context editing, and broken link replacements. Moreover, Digital Gratified’s team conducts a competitor backlinks analysis prior to strategic implementations of the techniques mentioned above. This helps them figure out the gaps in your backlink profile and what types of links are crucial to your website’s growth.

Core Services Offered By Digital Gratified

In addition to SaaS link building, Digital Gratified offers a range of other services which include:

  • SEO Services
  • Content Promotion
  • SaaS Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing And PR
  • SaaS Keyword Research

Although our product has an extensive backlink profile, the agency still offers unique domains for guest posting and works on growing its base. We can entirely rely on their professional approach.

Alina Tytarenko, Outreach Team Lead, SE Ranking

Digital Gratified’s Pricing Plan

Digital Gratified does not have a fixed pricing package. Instead, they provide a link building cost calculator and SEO cost calculator on their webpage to help you estimate how much you will spend per link depending on the quality or additional services.

Link Building Cost Calculator


SEO Cost Calculator


Content Cost Calculator


On average (using the link building calculator), a link of DR 70+ from a website with at least 50,000 monthly traffic costs only $180. Possibly the only unbeatable link building cost in the market.

Digital Gratified Pros

Here are points that make Digital Gratified stand out:

  • SaaS-Focused Expertise

Digital Gratified specializes in providing SEO services tailored specifically for SaaS businesses, meaning they deeply understand this niche’s unique challenges and opportunities.

  • Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Gratified offers comprehensive services beyond link building, including SEO and content marketing. This one-stop-shop approach can simplify your marketing efforts.

  • White Hat Techniques

Digital Gratified emphasizes using ethical and white hat techniques like guest posting, niche editing, and broken link replacement to ensure your website ranks high on SERPs.

  • Boosted Online Presence

With a complete focus on link building using powerful link building strategies like link exchange, Digital Gratified aims to enhance your website’s visibility, create a long-term SaaS lead generation funnel, and increase customer engagement.

  • Customized Strategies

The team at Digital Gratified works closely with clients to create tailored SaaS marketing strategies that align with specific business goals, maximizing the effectiveness of their services.

Digital Gratified Cons

While Digital Gratified expertise in the SaaS market is advantageous for SaaS organizations, companies in other industries may not profit from this industry-specific knowledge.

LinkDoctor Vs. Digital Gratified: Comparison

While there are some visible similarities between Digital Gratified and LinkDoctor, I’ve also managed to point out a few differences that move the needle.

  1. Pricing

When choosing a link building agency, cost consideration takes precedence. And if you’re looking for the cheapest cost per link of high quality, Digital Gratified takes the lead. You can get links with DR of 70+ starting from $180. 

As for LinkDoctor, you need to get on a call with their team to figure out how much you will pay per link. This kind of model means that the cost per link of the same quality will likely be different for two customers.

  1. Transparency

LinkDoctor boasts of transparency when it comes to communicating project progress. But that’s not the same for their pricing. Since you only know how much to pay when you contact their team, there’s a possibility you are paying more or less than the next or previous customer requesting the same services.

Digital Gratified takes you on a ride starting from when your website is being audited alongside competitors for link gap analysis. You have access to real-time reports showing how your task is progressing and the current results. Moreover, you can pre-approve link placement requests before they go live. So Digital Gratified takes the lead again here.

  1. Range Of Services

Digital Gratified offers a catalog of digital marketing services while prioritizing link building. Some of the supporting services on which they’ve built many records over the years include website SEO, digital PR, product promotion, SaaS content marketing, and email marketing.

On the other side, LinkDoctor is not lagging behind as they also offer SEO services alongside link building. They also provide web design and development services.

  1. Specialization

Digital Gratified focuses mainly on SaaS. This has given them the necessary expertise and experience to fully optimize SaaS brands and launch them on search engines.

LinkDoctor is a jack-of-all-trades. That might not necessarily be a bad thing as they will be able to handle clients of all niches. But compared to results obtained when you specialize, that’s far off.


Both LinkDoctor and Digital Gratified have their unique strengths. LinkDoctor excels in link building for a wide range of industries, while Digital Gratified offers exceptional link building services with a focus on SaaS businesses. 

However, Digital Gratified excels when it comes to transparency and affordability. So if you need a SaaS link building agency that has all it takes to keep your website running without getting you bankrupt, you have them.

How Does LinkDoctor Do Link Building?

LinkDoctor leverages broken links and guest posting as the forefront of their link building process. Digital Gratified does the same in addition to niche edits or replacement which in turn boosts your website’s authority and traffic.

How Much Does Link Building Cost?

Link building cost varies based on factors like the domain rating (DR) and traffic of the referring domain. But you can get the cheapest cost per link at Digital Gratified, going as low as $180 per link of DR 70+.

What Is White Hat Link Building?

White Hat Link Building is a link building technique that involves legitimate techniques like guest posting, replacement of broken links, and niche edits wherever approved. Digital Gratified uses these approved methods since they won’t be penalized by search engines.

What Is Black Hat Link Building?

Black Hat Link Building refers to using illegitimate approaches like private PBNs, cloaking, low-quality guest posting, link farms, spamming comment sections, and other shady processes to build links. Search engines penalize this approach.

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