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With several millions of websites getting launched every month, your website faces more competition climbing up the search engine. And, of course, acquiring backlinks can give you a good edge, but that depends on how well you do it.

But trust me when I say link building is a whole lot of work. You need to analyze your website, find high quality websites with DR of over 60, pitch their administrators, create link building content, and even monitor some key metrics.

Let’s say you’re a business owner or digital marketer. You are more likely to get cooped up with several crucial tasks and fail to religiously keep up to the objectives listed above. So if you ask me, I’d suggest you get yourself a top link building agency.

For the context of this article, I will review uSERP and Digital Gratified below. The latter sections will also compare both agencies, giving our verdict on which one you should choose and why.

About uSERP

uSERP is an SEO agency specialized in building backlinks for businesses with an online presence. They also provide digital PR services to boost brand visibility, authority, and reach. uSERP currently boasts of 50+ team members and over 300 clients including Monday, Bigcommerce, ActiveCampaign, Freshworks, and Crowdstrike.

Core Services Offered By uSERP

uSERP mainly offers link building and PR services, but let’s get a good breakdown of each below.

Link Acquisition

uSERP helps clients acquire relevant and quality links with a Domain rating of over 65. Their standard of quality backlinks over quantity justifies why they’ve been able to strike a deal with powerhouses like Big-commerce.

Guest Posting And Content Audit

With over five content writers, experienced editors, and tens of SEO experts in the team, uSERP is able to provide valuable guest-posts as part of their link building strategy. Also, uSERP offers content audit services to figure out potential pieces that can further be improved to perform better.

Digital PR Link Building

Besides brand mentions, uSERP reaches out to top journalists and publications to pitch content. This in turn boosts visibility and helps you earn links wherever possible – although Google no longer places much emphasis on links gotten from press outlets.

About Digital Gratified

Digital Gratified is another link building agency at the pyramid’s top with over hundreds of successfully completed link building projects, agency clients, and standalone brands such as SE Ranking, CloudTalk, BrushGalaxy, EngageBay, GetAstra, etc.

At Digital Gratified, we specialize in SaaS SEO services. We know all the latest tricks to get your website to the top of the search results. And we’re not just talking about Google. We’ll make sure your website is optimized for all the major search engines.

Core Services Offered By Digital Gratified

Digital Gratified offers a broader catalog of services targeted at helping you achieve your business goals compared to uSERP. Here are some of the most important ones:

Competitor Backlinks Analysis

Knowing who is linking to your competitor but not your website is what competitor backlinks analysis does. Digital Gratified carries out in-depth digging into the backlink yard of your top competitors and extracts the juicy links that would provide a good boost for your website.

Link Building

While most agencies engage in acquisition strategies that only bring in low-quality links, Digital Gratified prioritizes quality. They do this by employing niche edits using relationship-based link building approaches like link exchange and marketing collaboration – a very powerful and superfast way for SaaS link building even from websites like Hubspot, Envato, and Hostinger.


Digital Gratified also builds quality links by guest posting on top relevant websites in your niche. The backlinks got this way to bring in endless traffic juice from websites having as high as 90+ DR. 

SaaS SEO Services

Besides acquiring top-notch backlinks, Digital Gratified provides SaaS SEO services based on demand and the client’s budget. Their approach includes SaaS keyword research, website audit, detailed reporting of analyzed KPIs, optimization strategy for on-page, off-page, and tech SEO, and finally, implementation.


Content Marketing

While most link building companies offer only link building services, Digital Gratified provides additional core services like SaaS marketing and SaaS content marketing. This is a big boon for more complicated brands that are usually tight on their hands.


uSERP Pricing Plans

uSERP has two pricing structures depending on the services you want – Link building only or Link building plus extra content.

Content + Link Building Plans

The content plus link building plans factor in the cost of building links through editorial mentions and the cost of creating long-form content for guest posting, publication pitches, and the client’s website.

Combo Scale

The Combo scale plan starts at $20,000 per month. Some of the packages include 8x editorial mentions from websites with a DR minimum of 60.

Combo Speed

Combo speed starts at $30,000 per month and targets websites with at least 65 DR for backlinks. This plan offers 12x long-form content and 12x editorial mentions with 2x strategy calls.

Combo Authority

Combo authority includes everything in Combo speed but with three additional editorial mentions, 70+ DR, and 100,000 monthly traffic for target websites.

Link Building Plans

This plan covers backlinks and editorial mentions only. No long-form content is provided.


The startup pricing starts at $10,000 monthly with up to ten editorial mentions and a minimum DR of 60.


The scale tier is $15,000 per month and offers up to 17 editorial mentions. You also get a content plan containing 2x topic clusters.


The Authority plan includes 24 editorial mentions, 4x topic clusters, and twice a month consultation.

Digital Gratified Pricing Plans

Digital Gratified offers link building services with a very flexible pricing model and allows customers to calculate costs based on their demands. Let’s break it down below.

SEO Pricing

The SEO package starts at $4730 per month and contains 25 X long-form blog posts, 3 X guest posts, 10 X backlinks from websites with DR of 70+, 1 X website audit, and 5 X targeted pages.

Check out the SEO Cost Calculator here.

Link Building Pricing

The link building pricing starts at $180 per quality link from a website with DR of 70+. You can order multiple links in tens and hundreds per month. 

Check out the Link Building Cost Calculator here.

Pros Of uSERP Link Building Services

uSERP has some unique advantages, such as:

Result Driven Team

This link building agency prioritizes results. And you can pick this out from some of the good reviews they receive from top moguls like Growth Marketing Pro.

uSERP has helped us achieve huge organic growth across our affiliate blog and our SEO tool sets. Working with them is like having a scrappy extension of your team. These guys are growth-minded operators.

Task Diversity And Specialization

With over 50+ team experts in SEO, content, outreach, PR, and marketing, uSERP has been able to gain heavy traction in the link building industry. 

This number creates good diversity while ensuring the right experts work on the right tasks.

Quality Services

Clients can get backlinks from DR as low as 60 and as high as 90. Moreover, they only target websites reputable in the industry like Hubspot.

Cons Of uSERP Link Building Services

As expected of most services, uSERP has a few but crucial drawbacks.

Too Expensive

uSERP’s cheapest plan starts at $10,000 monthly, a baseline too expensive for new startups and not sustainable for SMEs generally.

Rigid Pricing Structure

Their pricing structure is rigid since it is an all-out package instead of individual services. This makes uSERP’s plans inflexible and eliminates the space for businesses with smaller budgets.

No Content Audit For Cheaper Plans

While uSERP offers quite a lot of interesting services, they omit the basic but essential ones in their basic plans. In turn, customers have to upgrade their plans for more access.

Pros Of Digital Gratified Link Building Services

Digital Gratified is one of the leading link building agencies with countless satisfied clients, and here’s why:

Flexible Payment Structure

Unlike uSERP’s fixed payment model, the Digital Gratified pricing structure is flexible. You don’t need to pay for the service you don’t need or exhaust the bank to set things in motion. This is especially beneficial for SMEs, large organizations with limited budgets, and fresh startups.

One-time Free Consultation

Most backlink agencies provide consultations and strategy calls at standalone exorbitant costs or with expensive packages. As a result, you’re left in the dark, unsure of what you really want, and forced to pay for services that are irrelevant in the long run. On the flip side, Digital Gratified provides a free consultation to discuss your needs and outline the strategies to meet them.

Quick And Quality Turnaround

While others sacrifice time for quality, Digital Gratified offers both. So clients don’t have to wait for years before seeing real results. And all of these come at an affordable cost.

Digital Gratified acquired quality backlinks that increased our client’s organic web traffic, brand awareness, and the number of referring domains. They also improved their domain rating. The team implemented a smooth workflow, communicated well, incorporated feedback, and delivered results quickly.

Sr. Link Building Specialist – Komalty

Seamless Communication

Communication is crucial to the success of every organization. Digital Gratified understands this and ensures clients are up-to-date with their project’s progress. Moreover, clients can access real-time KPI reports.

“Digital Gratified provided quality services, boosting our website’s position on Google. They also promoted effective communication via Email and other messaging apps. Their high level of professionalism and responsiveness were critical elements of their work.”

Co-Founder, BrushGalaxy

Cons Of Digital Gratified Link Building Services

Digital Gratified doesn’t offer HARO services, so if you are looking for links from,, etc., then Digital Gratified is certainly not the right place for you.

Our Verdict: uSERP Vs. Digital Gratified

While uSERP has a lot of core services in its arsenal, their pricing model makes it difficult for new startups to scale up. Also, their main services come as packages, without standalone offers such as content writing only.

On the other hand, Digital Gratified offers:

  • SEO services for as low as $4730 with backlinks from top relevant websites.
  • DR as low as 70 and as high as 95 DR. That’s a flexible range compared to the minimum of 60 and maximum of 90 from uSERP.
  • Link building services for as low as $180 per link.
  • Quality and faster results within a month.

So, Digital Gratified is highly recommended for SMEs and startups with or without extravagant capital.


How Much Does uSERP Link Building Services Cost?

uSERP link building services cost $10,000 for 10x editorial mentions only. On the other hand, Digital Gratified provides 10x quality backlinks from websites with DR as little as 40 and as high as 95+ for less than $2,000.

How Does uSERP As Link Building Agency Do?

uSERP reaches out to publications, editorial outlets, and relevant brands for link building opportunities through guest posting or brand mentions. But that takes more time and is costly. Digital Gratified alternatively makes use of niche edit and guest posting to get the same quality links at a faster pace and cheaper cost.

How Does uSERP Find Link Building Opportunities For You?

Similar to Digital Gratified, uSERP conducts competitors link gap analysis to figure out who’s linking to your competitors but not you. They also find brands that are relevant in your niche and reach out for link building opportunities.

How To Choose A Link Building Agency?

Cost, quality, and turnaround time are important factors to consider when choosing a link building agency. Any goal-oriented link building agency must be able to provide quality backlinks within a short timeframe for better SEO results and hence more lead generation for SaaS. These are the three things Digital Gratified considers when building links for clients.

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