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Have you ever scratched your head trying to figure out the perfect agency capable of improving your online presence, moving up the search engine results page, and drawing more traffic to your website? Well then, I’ve got the inside scoop on two effective link building services for you.

Vazoola, a link building agency, is in one corner and prides itself as one of the reputable link building services out there. At the center, Digital Gratified strongly remains an industry-leading link building solution for SaaS brands.

Now the question is, which of these two link building services should you invest in to scale your website? In this article, we’ll review both Vazoola and Digital Gratified based on their services and unique features, pricing, pros and cons before rounding it up with our honest verdict.

About Vazoola

Vazoola distinguishes itself as the premier “name your price” link building agency, redefining the landscape of acquiring high-quality backlinks, content, and SEO services. As a one-stop shop, their team of highly experienced experts delivers value, catering to your needs and propelling your online presence to new heights. Their core expertise lies in link building. 

Vazoola also collaborates with agencies of any scale from across different niches – whether SaaS or marTech. Their most popular service, bounty express, empowers brands and agencies to exercise full control over link prices, month after month, at any scale. 

Core Services Offered By Vazoola

Some of the services offered include:

SaaS Link Building

Link building is a foundational block right after content creation for any goal-oriented brand. And Vazoola helps you achieve this by auditing your website, conducting backlink profile analysis, creating link opportunities, kickstarting outreach campaigns, and finding relevant websites in your niche. Afterwards, they create content for guest posting or use their pool of publishers through bounty express to place your link on high-domain websites.

Content Marketing

Vazoola is one of the best masters of craft when it comes to content marketing. Their approach includes keyword research, topic ideation to dig out ideas that will boost your website up on SERPs, and content creation. Vazoola also optimizes existing content, removing redundant statements and updating with new facts so as to remain current without spending more to create new content.

SEO Services

Vazoola offers technical SEO audits and fixes affecting your website’s usability and accessibility. Others include in-depth keyword research, internal linking to boost page authority and maximize page traffic, SEO content strategy development, content creation, on-page SEO optimization, local SEO, and link building. They also offer real-time analytics and reporting on your SEO activities and progress.

About Digital Gratified

Digital Gratified is a top-tier link building and SaaS digital marketing agency with a team of result-oriented experts. Digital Gratified offers an extensive set of services, including link building, SEO, SaaS content marketing, product promotion, and email campaigns.

Unlike other link building agencies, Digital Gratified prioritizes creating a SaaS marketing strategy that holistically captures your needs. This means they don’t just engage in building links sporadically – instead, the Digital Gratified’s team audits your website, carries out competitor backlinks analysis, conducts SaaS keyword research for proper anchors, and fixes the gaps in your backlink profile.

Digital Gratified has a work record with large brands like SE Ranking, NinjaReports, BrushGalaxy, and many more. Moreover, they get links from reputable publications like HubSpot and Hostinger at an extremely affordable cost through relationship-based link building strategies like link exchange, content collaboration, etc.

Core Services

Digital Gratified offers a broader catalog of services targeted at helping you achieve your business goals compared to Vazoola. Here are some of the most important ones:

Competitor Backlinks Analysis

Knowing who is linking to your competitor but not your website is what competitor backlinks analysis does. Digital Gratified carries out in-depth digging into the backlink yard of your top competitors and extracts the juicy links that would provide a good boost for your website.

Link Building

While most agencies engage in acquisition strategies that only bring in low-quality links, Digital Gratified prioritizes quality. They do this by employing niche edits using relationship-based link building approaches like link exchange and marketing collaboration – a very powerful and superfast way for SaaS link building even from websites like Hubspot, Envato, and Hostinger.


Digital Gratified also builds quality links by guest posting on top relevant websites in your niche. The backlinks got this way bring in endless traffic juice from websites having as high as 90+ DR. 

SaaS SEO Services

Besides acquiring top-notch backlinks, Digital Gratified provides SaaS SEO services based on demand and the client’s budget. Their approach includes SaaS keyword research, website audit, detailed reporting of analyzed KPIs, optimization strategy for on-page, off-page, and tech SEO, and finally, implementation.


Content Marketing

While most link building companies offer only link building services, Digital Gratified provides additional core services like SaaS marketing and SaaS content marketing. This is a big boon for more complicated brands that are usually tight on their hands.


Vazoola Pricing Plan

Vazoola uses the price control feature. This means you can fit all the services you want to get within your personal budget without spending more.

Depending on your requirements, per link cost ranges from $50 to $200 for low-quality links and between $600 to $2000 for high-quality links.

Vazoola also charges a monthly fee between $99 and $149. This is not a per-link cost and is only for management.

Digital Gratified Pricing Vs. Vazoola Pricing

Digital Gratified Pricing Plans

Digital Gratified does not have a fixed pricing package. Instead, they provide a link building cost calculator and SEO cost calculator on their webpage to help you estimate how much you will spend per link depending on the quality or additional services.

On average (using the link building calculator), a link of DR 70+ from a website with at least 5,000 monthly traffic costs only $180. Possibly the only unbeatable cost in the market.

Pros Of Vazoola Link Building Services

Here are some unique points on Vazoola:

  1. Customized Approaches

 Each customer has unique wants and objectives, and Vazoola’s link building services offer personalized and custom approaches to meet those needs and goals. This customized strategy guarantees that the link building activities are focused and in accordance with the customer’s goals.

  1. “Name Your Price” Model

Vazoola’s distinctive “name your price” model gives customers greater control over their spending and budget for link building. Businesses with different budgets or those looking for economical solutions may benefit from this flexibility.

  1. Broad Range Of Services

To achieve comprehensive success in digital marketing, Vazoola provides a wide range of services, including SEO optimization and link building.

  1. Agency Collaboration

Vazoola specializes in working with agencies of any size to expand their offerings and provide outstanding results for their clients. This collaboration may result in improved commercial ties and increased clientele.

Cons Of Vazoola Link Building Services

Some not-so-good points of Vazoola include:

  1. Poor Pricing Transparency

While the “name your price” model can be advantageous, it lacks total transparency. Some clients may find it challenging to gauge the fair value of the links they get, potentially leading to future misunderstandings.

  1. Time-Intensive Approach

Their customized link building approach takes a quite long implementation time and this might not come off well for clients who want faster results.

  1. Expensive Pricing For High-Tier Links

While Vazoola’s pricing is considerably on the average compared to other link building agencies, their cost package for high-quality links is expensive.

Digital Gratified Pros & Cons Vs. Vazoola Pros & Cons

Pros Of Digital Gratified Link Building Services

Digital Gratified offers a jaw-dropping link building experience, and here’s why:

  1. Expertise In SaaS Industry

Digital Gratified is made up of tens of highly specialized experts, including SEOs, marketing executives, outreach managers, digital PR persons, and email marketing professionals to experienced content writers. So they have all it takes to handle the special demands of B2B SaaS businesses and are able to deliver invaluable link building services.

  1. Affordable Pricing

Most link building agencies provide high-quality links with DR of at least 65 starting from $250. On the other hand, a link from a website with 70 DR and several thousands of monthly traffic through Digital Gratified costs $180 only, making their link building pricing quite reasonable.

  1. Tailored Strategies

Digital Gratified offers tailored link building strategies to fit clients’ exact requirements and goals. They do this by providing free one-time consultation and creating a suitable SaaS marketing strategy prior to implementation.

  1. Proven Results

Digital Gratified has a vast library of work records with brands like SE Ranking, Brush Galaxy, Hubler, NinjaReports, Hostinger, etc.

Although our product has an extensive backlink profile, the agency still offers unique domains for guest posting and works on growing its base. We can entirely rely on their professional approach.

Alina Tytarenko, Outreach Team Lead, SE Ranking

Cons Of Digital Gratified Link Building Services

Digital Gratified does not use HARO for link building. Also, their services are extremely tailored for SaaS brands.

Vazoola Vs. Digital Gratified: Comparison

Both Vazoola and Digital Gratified are major forces in the link building sphere, providing businesses with quality links. But they also have distinct characteristics and contrasting markets. 

  • Services

Vazoola boasts an impressive range of related services, including SEO and content optimization, allowing clients to benefit from the convenience of a one-stop shop. 

However, Digital Gratified takes its comprehensive suite of link building solutions even further, with more SaaS lead generation options that go beyond just “link building” – such as SEO, content marketing, product marketing, and email marketing. 

This integration provides SaaS businesses with an all-encompassing and unified marketing plan that can help them boost their online performance.

  • Expertise

Digital Gratified has a strong focus on the SaaS market, granting them a greater understanding of the specific obstacles and opportunities that come with it. This specialized expertise gives Digital Gratified an edge when crafting tailored link building strategies for SaaS customers, allowing them to achieve superior results. 

On the other hand, Vazoola caters to different companies in distinct industries. The pro is that they have what it takes to work in a versatile environment. But they are unable to provide the best results for SaaS brands.

  • Pricing And Additional Fees

Digital Gratified indisputably offers the most affordable cost per link for high-quality backlinks. Their pricing starts at $180 per link from a website of 70 DR or $150 per link for 65 DR. Moreover, there’s no secret or additional fee.

Vazoola, however, offers a fairly expensive service with high-quality links starting from $600 to $2000 or more. Also, there’s a monthly fee of $99 to $149 separate from the per-link cost.

Our Verdict

Both Vazoola and Digital Gratified are well-known SaaS link building agencies offering advantageous link building services. However, when it comes to affordability and SaaS specializations, Digital Gratified takes the lead.

On the other hand, Vazoola caters to diverse niches, but their pricing might come off as too expensive, especially for new startups and SMEs. If you have enough in your purse, then you might be able to work something out.

FAQs For Vazoola

How Much Does Vazoola’s Link Building Services Cost?

Vazoola uses the price control feature, which allows you to choose how much you want to pay per link and other requirements. But the average is around $50 to $200 for low-quality links and at least $600 to $200 for high-quality links. On the other hand, Digital Gratifed provides top-tier links with a DR of at least 70 at just $180.

How Does Vazoola Find Link Building Opportunities For You?

Through the bounty express strategy, they engage different publishers who then create content and insert your link before making it go live on their websites. Vazoola also uses white-hat link building techniques like guest posting. But that consumes more resources and time compared to niche edits offered by Digital Gratified.

What Is The Best Link Building Strategy?

The best link building strategy is still content marketing. Creating valuable content for your website and crafting relevant pieces for guest posting are natural ways to gain quality, unbeaten links. Digital Gratified uses this approach to boost your website’s organic traffic up and shift more ranks on SERPs.

How To Choose A Link Building Agency?

When choosing a link building agency, the three main factors include cost, quality, and turnaround time. Don’t compromise quantity for quality, and don’t invest in agencies that take ages to deliver.

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